August 4, 2017

Basics of Business Immigration

Karina Gonzalez
Owner, Law Offices of Karina Gonzalez, PLLC

Basics of Business Immigration
Karina Gonzalez is a native Houstonian and born from immigrant parents. After obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology & Hispanic Studies from Rice University, she earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston Law Center. Her legal practice focuses primarily on seeking affirmative immigration benefits for clients.

Karina's immigration career began in law school, where was a member of the Joseph A. Vail Immigration Clinic and a Legal Extern for the Tahirih Justice Center. At these non-profit organizations, she assisted clients with processing Asylum, Withholding of Removal, Special Immigrant Juvenile, U-Visa and Violence Against Women Act cases before various governmental agencies.

After passing the bar exam, Karina's practice shifted, and she began assisting clients with family and employment based petitions (immigrant and nonimmigrant) before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, the National Visa Center, various U.S. Embassies abroad, and the U.S. Department of Labor. Since obtaining her license almost 7 years ago, Karina has secured appropriate work visas for many clients, obtained green cards for entire families, and successfully applied for U.S. citizenship for qualified applicants.

Law Offices of Karina Gonzalez, PLLC
433 North Loop W., Ste. 260
Houston, TX 77008


August 11, 2017

Empowering Students

Michelle Lenzen
Founder, Humans at Heart

Empowering Students to Solve Problems Using Human-Centered Design
Michelle Lenzen is a teacher, researcher, and writer using design thinking to help others understand the human side of life, marketing, and business. She runs an after school program at YES Prep Northside where she teaches high school students communication skills and creative problem-solving. Through her company, Humans at Heart, Michelle conducts qualitative market research and humanizes brands with words and creative copy.

Humans at Heart
Houston, TX


August 18, 2017

A Fresh Approach to Transition

Angela Coughlin
Author, Psychotherapist, Life coach and Speaker

A Fresh Approach to Transition
The Art of Waking Up

Where do you want to change your life? What big transition is presenting itself to you at this time? Each day we write the story of our lives. Each day we have the opportunity to move our lives to match our desires. Join us for this inspirational talk to explore the unique ways to navigate and implement your transition.

Angela Caughlin LCSW
Houston Therapist
4010 Blue Bonnet, Suite 108
Houston, TX 77025


August 25, 2017

Our Houston Zoo...

Rodney Honerkamp & Jillian Day
Both are Directors, Development for the Houston Zoo

Our Houston Zoo: Then and Now
Our city’s Zoo is a jewel within Hermann Park that’s become internationally known since we privatized in 2002. We are the largest conservation education organization in Texas and the second-most-visited zoo that charges admission in the nation (only San Diego Zoo has attracted higher attendance in 2015 and 2016). Our contributions to field conservation place us in the top 10 of zoos across the country. Under the direction of our new CEO, we recently completed an exciting strategic plan that will transform our Zoo over the next twenty years. Rodney Honerkamp and Jillian Day, both Directors of Development and members of our Zoo’s fundraising team, will share details about where we’ve been as an organization and where we’re heading.

The Houston Zoo
1513 Cambridge St.
Houston, TX 77030


July 7, 2017

10 pounds, 10 years, 10 minutes a day

Donna Milstein
Fitness Trainer

"Lose 10 pounds and 10 years in 10 minutes a day"
Donna will teach, demonstrate and lead the group in simple exercises that will improve your posture and balance.

Donna Milstein Consulting
1707 1/2 Post Oak Blvd Ste 236
Houston, TX 77056


July 14, 2017

The Food Bank's...

Fanny Brown
Strategic Gifts Officer

"The Food Bank's Latest Successes and Challenges"
The Houston Food Bank is a non-profit food distributor network that collects and distributes millions of meals a year in the Houston area to needy citizens of all ages. It is part of the Feeding America Network.

Fanny will share with us news on their new kitchen facility, their recent successes as well as current challenges they are facing,

The Food Bank Houston
535 Portwall St
Houston, TX 77029


July 21, 2017

Immigrants & Refugees in Texas

Terri Burke
Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Texas

Immigrants & Refugees in Texas
Miss Burke's talk will focus on what the ACLU does expecially in the area of immigrants and refugees. The ACLU has been working overtime on this specific area since the election. She will share their story.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Texas
Houston State Headquarters P.O. Box 8306
Houston, TX 77288-8306


July 28, 2017

Chinquapin Prep

Tina Barr
Director of Admissions

Tina will speak about Chinquapin Prep, which is a non-profit college-preparatory school for grades six through twelve, primarily serving economically disadvantaged youth from the Houston area. Boys in grades seven through twelve live on campus Monday through Friday, while girls and 6th grade boys are transported daily.

Chinquapin Preparatory School
2615 E. Wallisville Rd.
Highlands, TX 77562

281-426-5551 X151

June 2, 2017

Member Meeting

Member Meeting

Celebration of Gladys's retirement.

June 9, 2017

Purchase, Refinance & Cash-Out

Ann Haigh
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

Purchasing, Refinancing & Cashing out

Republic State Mortgage Company
2121 Sage Road, Suite 140
Houston, TX 77056


June 16, 2017

Importance of Progressive Discipline

Lee Clough

Importance of Progressive Discipline

Small Business HR Solutions


June 23, 2017

Ten Employment Law Principles...

Samantha Martinez

Ten Employment Law Principles Every Manager Should Know.

Martinez Firm, PLLC
801 Congress, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77002


June 30, 2017

Happy 4th

May 5, 2017

Home Ergonomics

Martha Parker
President & Founder, m-erg

Home Ergonomics
Martha Parker will discuss ergonomics in the home, based on photos that members will be asked to send of their home work spaces. Humor encouraged.

Presentation Info:

In-Line Document Holder

Higher Footrest

Forward Leaning Chair

Gooseneck Clamping Device

Strap for Phone

M-ERG_Takeaway - download pdf

P. O. Box 88205
Houston, TX 77288


May 12, 2017

Public Art at University of Houston

Michael Guidry
Curator of the University Public Art Collection

Public Art at the University of Houston
Michael Guidry will talk about and show images of the public art at UH, one of the largest and most impressive university art collections in the country. With more than 500 works, the collection includes regional, national and international artists, including Frank Stella and Carlos Cruz-Diez.

University of Houston
120 Fine Arts Building
Houston, TX 77204


May 19, 2017

New Moody Center for the Arts

Alison Weaver
Founding Executive Director,
Moody Center for the Arts, Rice University

The New Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University
Alison Weaver will introduce us to the new Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University, which celebrated its inaugural weekend in late February with more than 2000 visitors. The interdisciplinary center provides a forum for creative partnerships and experimental spaces for both fabrication and exhibition, along with an array of innovative public programming.

Rice University
6100 Main St., MS-480
Houston, TX 77005


May 26, 2017

Memorial Day

Happy Holiday

April 7, 2017

Members Meeting

Two Truths And A Lie
A fun game that gives us an opportunity to learn more about each other…while increasing our ability to detect deception.

April 14, 2017

Good Friday/Easter Break

April 21, 2017

Is Civil Discourse Possible?

Cassandra Dahnke
Co-founder of The Institute for Civility in Government

Is Civil Discourse Possible?
The Institute for Civility in Government is dedicated to reducing the polarization of our political and legislative processes by facilitating dialogue, teaching respect, and building civility in both the public and private spheres.

We believe there are two key threats to the effectiveness and efficiency of the governing process in the United States: lack of participation in government at all levels—local, state, and national; and persistent and growing polarization along lines of race, class, religion, age, and ideology. Apathy and antipathy put our nation at risk. Therefore, we strive to educate Americans about their role in civil society, and equip them to participate effectively in it. And we strive to help elected officials, their staff, and their constituents understand that how we govern is as important as the positions we take.

The Institute for Civility in Government endorses no political candidate, and takes no stand on any issue. Our concern is process, not position.

The Institute for Civility in Government
P.O. Box 41804
Houston, Texas 77241-1804

713-444-1254 or 281-782-4454

April 28, 2017

How to get to the Truth

Ryan Foley, Foley Learning
Consultant, Coach, Keynote Speaker

How to get to the Truth
Whether you’re talking with a friend, family member, potential new hire, or business partner, having a few smart communication strategies up your sleeve gives you protection and opportunities that most people routinely miss. After breakfast, you’ll be ready to use a few of Ryan’s favorite conversational strategies on how to:

    1. Know when you might not be getting the truth or the whole story.
    2. Considerably improve your chances of getting to the truth.

Ryan is a communication strategist who works behind the scenes to help brilliant individuals be as impactful as possible when they find themselves in the spotlight. An expert in verbal and nonverbal communication strategies, he trains and coaches thought leaders in engaging public speaking, body language analysis, and deception detection. During the recent US presidential debates, Ryan was regularly asked to provide detailed body language analysis for Fox 26 and ABC 13 Houston.

@foleylearning (Twitter & Facebook)


March 3, 2017

Member Meeting

How Can We Be Helpful?
Discussions at each table on how we can be helpful to each other with business challenges.

March 10, 2017


Phyllis Pittman
President & CEO

CMedEd: Providing Cutting Edge Info On Many Cancers
CMedEd is a state of the art cancer ed resource that bridges the educational gap between patients and healthcare professionals on over 120 cancer topics.

Pittman Communications/CMedEd
3555 Timmons St. Suite 655
Houston, TX 77027


March 17, 2017

Houston Grand Opera

Judith Kurnick
Director of Communications

Houston Grand Opera: An Inside Look
Judith will share with us the excitement surrounding Houston Grand Opera and what goes on behind the scenes.

Houston Grand Opera
510 Preston St.
Houston, TX 77002


March 24, 2017

An Engaged & Effective Citizen

Ellen Cohen
City Council Member & Mayor Pro Tem

How to be a more engaged and effective citizen

City of Houston
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston, TX 77002


March 31, 2017

Pain Management

Kristina McDaniel

Egoscue Method of Pain Management
Egoscue Method is a way of dealing with chronic pain using posture therapy. A proven method that gets to the root of your chronic pain by returning your body to proper alignment, function and balance.

Egoscue Houston
601 Sawyer St, Suite 105
Houston, TX 77007


February 3, 2017

Member's Only Meeting

El Matha Wilder

Size Does Matter
BIG LIFE... living large in smaller spaces… El Matha and John spent a year preparing for their move to scale down. All items that were important to them were kept. How did they decide to do the move in 2 steps? How did they decide what to keep and what to discard? How can this process be accomplished without going crazy?

El Matha Wilder
2630 Bissonnet #5207
Houston, TX 77005


February 10, 2017

Learned Since Coming To America

Pam Gruber

What I have learned since coming to America
Pam Gruber SNSDE has enjoyed a full life of travel and people experiences. She came to the USA from the UK in 1965 as a TWA flight Hostess. In 1975 Pam joined Mary Kay Cosmetics and took a $65 beauty case into a $13 million a year business. She believes that with a positive attitude, willingness to work and a respect for one’s fellow man, anything is possible.

This immensely fascinating lady is willing to share with us the highlights and lessons she learned on her road to success. On top of all her accomplishments she is married to, and mother of, “Deli Men.” (her son is Ziggy)

5100 San Felipe St Unit 146E
Houston, TX 77056


February 17, 2017

Cancer Risk

Dr. Margaret Spitz

Cancer Risk... What, Who and Why?
This distinguished cancer researcher has earned numerous prestigious awards including being tapped by Pres. Barack Obama to serve on the National Cancer Advisory Board. She is a leader in cancer research worldwide and is sharing her time with Praeclarus to enlighten us on the latest in the world of cancer research. Currently a professor at Baylor College of Medicine, she has a 27 year history on the faculty of MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX


February 24, 2017

Whitest & Biggest Smile

Susan Latimer, DDS
Dentist, General & Cosmetic

Maintaining Your Whitest & Biggest Smile
Susan Latimer has her dental office on Bissonnet, marked by the big white tooth in front of the building.

She leads a balanced life, is very progressive in her techniques and approach and is totally patient oriented in her practice. She will be discussing her experiences and how to get the most from your smile.

Latimer Dental Arts
2226 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005


January 6, 2017

Member's Only Meeting

Member's Only Meeting
Carole Wright

Sneak Preview
Carole will be sharing pics of the next chapter of her life.

January 13, 2017

The Workings Of The HCOHSEM

Lindsey Drouet
Finanace/Admin Supervisor, Harris County Office or Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HCOHSEM)

The Workings of the HCOHSEM
Ms. Drouet will give an over view of the operations of this agency and the importance of the work to Harris County residents.

Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
6922 Katy Road
Houston, TX 77024


January 20, 2017

Go Red: Staying "Heart Healthy"

Michelle Mason
Director of Communications

Go Red
Michelle will be speaking to us about the importance of staying "heart healthy".

American Heart Association
10060 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77054


January 27, 2017

Emotional Eating

Megan Lynn McCarty

Emotional Eating
Megan has a true passion for helping people achieve their wellness goals. Her clients achieve opportunities for significant personal growth striving to eliminate the societal stigma often associated with professional mental health services.

In her work she maintains the important premise that preventive health care is not limited merely to physical health. Overall wellness includes mental, physical and spiritual health in tandem.

Morph Counseling Services
1425 Blalock, Suite 107
Houston, TX 77055


December 2, 2016

Members' Meeting

Members' Meeting

El Matha will be leading a game of Holiday Trivia! Please bring a check or enough cash for a $25 donation to go to the top winning team's Non-profit.

December 9, 2016

Reliability: At Pluto, Mars & Earth

David Kaplan
Mars Scientist, NASA

Reliability: At Pluto, On Mars And Around the Earth
Through stunning photos and videos of the flyby of Pluto, the Curiosity rover’s exploration on Mars, and the operations of the International Space Station in orbit around Earth, David will look at issues concerning reliability at NASA.


December 16, 2016

Dixie Friend Gay: Wings

Dixie Friend Gay

Dixie will talk about her new work. She will be doing an installation in the Houston Library.

Dixie Friend Gay
1901 W 14th St.
Houston, TX 77008


December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays

No Meeting: Happy Holidays

December 30, 2016

Happy Holidays

No Meeting: Happy Holidays
Off until Jan 6, 2017

November 4, 2016

Members' Meeting

Members' Meeting
Member: Eva Archer-Smith

The Neurobiology of Conversations
Eva just recently completed a extensive course on the neurobiology of conversations. What does this mean?? Simply stated, it's the science of how we can talk to each other in a way that makes us feel good or feel bad. Eva will share insights from what she has learned with our group.

November 11, 2016

The Sport & Business of Cheer

Roberta Konicki
Founder, Select Athletics Group

The Sport & Business of Cheer
Roberta will discuss the sport of competitive cheerleading including: background and evolution of competitive cheerleading, the big business of cheer, and the photography book project leading to the creation of "The Sport of Cheer".

Select Athletics
Houston, Texas


November 18, 2016

Creating Comfortable, Attractive Spaces

Lisa Bixler, AIA, Leed, Ap, CAPS
Architect and Aging in Place Specialist

Creating Comfortable, Attractive Spaces to Carry Us Through All Stages of Life
Lisa, an aging in place specialist and licensed architect, will talk about how incorporating aesthetic elements into practical solutions enhances the environment itself but also the quality of life for those who use the space.

LBK Architecture
5100 Westheimer Rd, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77056


November 25, 2016

No Meeting: Happy Thanksgiving

No Meeting: Happy Thanksgiving

October 7, 2016

Members' Meeting

Members' Meeting
Member: Mary McIntire

Recent Restaurant Finds
Member discussion of favorite restaurants.

1016 Barkdull St
Houston, TX


October 14, 2016

Jefferson Calmed Presidential Politics

Dr. John Boles
William Pettus Hobby Professor of History

“How Jefferson Calmed the Passions of Presidential Politics"
Dr. Boles will outline the origins of national politics in the U.S., with particular emphasis on the role played by Thomas Jefferson. Dr. Boles's book on Jefferson is at the press.

History Department, Rice University
MS 42 P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892


October 21, 2016

The Impact of Trade on Houston & Beyond

Horacio Licon
VP of international investments and trade, Greater Houston Partnership

The impact of trade on Houston & beyond

Greater Houston Partnership
701 Avenida de las Americas, Suite 900
Houston, TX 77010


October 28, 2016

Today's Houston Museum of Natural Science

Lisa Rebori
Vice President of Collections

Today's Houston Museum of Natural Science
Lisa will discuss the challenges of acquiring world class collections and some of the unusual experiences such as accompanying Lucy, the world renowned mummy to Houston.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77030